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PerYourHealth is an online billing platform which people use to pay their all medical bills online by just doing a few easy steps. In this guide, we talk about and how you can use peryourhealth online payment system just to pay our medical bills.

What is Peryourhealth?

As we all know technology grows time by day and we taking advantage of it. The best example is how people do shopping online pay bills online transfer money with secure methods. The same doing and they are providing their best security system to us to do online payments.

There are a lot of online bill payment portals available which help us to pay bills of our medical medicines and other things. In this way, we can save a lot of time and money as well. Sometimes it’s happened that we don’t have time to go to the hospital and wait for our call to go and then pay. That’s a long procedure but pay bill make it easy for. 

Benefits of Peryourhealth

Talking about its benefits then Peryourhealth web portal service has a lot of benefits:

  • 24/7 service you can pay bill any time
  • Safest And Easy Way
  • Secure
  • You can use it anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection
  • You can check your time any time to see your payment details
  • You get notifications whenever a new update or anything related to your account came
  • You can check all of your previous transactions in the history of your account
  • By visiting the offer page, you get rewards and redeem points which helps you to get a discount on your bills
  • Peryourhealth account will remain confidential

Requirements at

Just like other companies Per your health also have few rules and requirements which you have to fulfill before you use the platform.

  • First of all, you need, Registered ID Which you can find on Patient statement or you can find it on your invoice which you need to pay
  • For creating a new account, you need an Email, which is not used before
  • A Phone number where you get the code and other important messages, That’s it Registration

Registration is quite simple even you are using this portal first time. But you have to make sure your health care provider accepts PayYourHealth services. Because sometimes this creates a problem. That the health care provider not accepting and you are still doing it.

  • Simply visit official website i.e.
  • You must have your account number or registered ID which you get from your invoice Enter it and continue
  • Fill the form with your official name, email address, phone number
  • Click on, Register and you get Registered User ID and Password. Which you need to use during login

How to Login At Per Your Health

Well, Per Your Health associated with BBB which means you now pay bills even it is costly. Sometimes it happened that we only pay bills which has a small amount but when it comes to costly bills we try to reach the health care center so we give them payment hand to hand. But don’t worry the peryourhealth login medical billing platform is now more secure even you pay costly bills too.

Here are the basic steps to log in:

  • Visit the official website and you can see a box where you have to enter the account number of your billing statement or registered ID login

  • After you click on continue, in next window you need to fill your password
  • If you put both fields right then per your health account will be open and you can use it easily

Forget Your Password & Recover Registered User ID

Being human, we also have a habit to forget things and if you forget the password of Per Your Health account then it is normal. You can recover it at any time. This happens when we are busy in other things or when we don’t use our account for a long time. So, it just normal like other things. You don’t need to create a new account.

Here is the simple way to get your password or registered ID:

Peryourhealth Forget your password

  • As you see in picture, open the official website and click on Forgot your registered user id
  • It proceed to a new window where you need to provide your account number
  • They will send you an email address on your email which you use during registration
  • Wait for the email and if you don’t get the mail check spam folder as well.
  • Once, you get the email click on the link and in new window you see the option to reset it. That’s it same goes with password

How to pay medical bill online at

This is an important feature to discuss, a lot of people know how to create new account and they also know how to login but when it comes to online bill payment then they think why not to read a guide first. Because it’s their money and even they know the options of paying bills they try to play secure and ask someone to tell them about Per Your Health method of paying bills online. Or try to find a guide. So, don’t here you get everything

  • First of all make sure you have a good internet connection and it must be connected while you are going to use it and pay the bills
  • Open your web browser and go to official website i.e
  • Then you have to login to your Peryourhealth account, if you don’t have account make it one quickly, the method already shared above
  • Once you login to your account, it will show all of your account informations and billing dues as well.
  • Provide the current billing statement ID so it will fetch the details and provide a valid email so when you done with your bill payment they will send you a confirmation email regarding all the details which you have as a proof that you pay them
  • After that you have to choose payment option like: net banking, credit card, debit card PayPal etc.
  • After filling the details, proceed with the steps and enter your amount which you have to pay
  • In final step, just look all the information which you provide them it will help you to make sure that all information is accurate and simple click on pay bill. that’s it

How to pay bill via mobile application?

A lot of people using mobile phones for this type of work. And we all know that every person have a mobile phone now a day and they try to do things on mobile most of the time. So, the Peryourhealth also build an application for Android and iOS user and make the interface user-friendly. This mobile phone application helps you to pay your medical bills online at any place. Because it happened that we are in traveling and we are unable to carry our computer system or laptop so the mobile phone is the best option at that time to do this work.

How to pay the bill via mobile?

There is another great option for you which you can use to pay your bills through mobile phone. You also consider this method How to pay a bill without login at

  • Call at 888-442-8447, they will ask you about account number of the medical statement, just enter it with the help of your keypad
  • Once, it done choose the payment method and proceed with the information and enter your credit card details, make sure you don’t tell this information to any person.
  • Once it did, you get the SMS at your phone number which you are using for peryourhealth online payment system


Is it secure to use peryourhealth?

This is a common question which every person ask who using the online payment system first, The Answer is YES it is secure to use any type of medical billing payment. It also attaches with BBB.

Is peryourhealth a real site?

Yes, This is a real site which you can use to pay your medical bills any time and at any place with a secure online system.

Some Usefule Information:

To recover the lost User IDClick Here
For any issues, Feel free to contact612-672-6724 or 1-888-702-4073
Address7234 S. Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74136.

Customer Care Service And Phone Number

Per Your Health customer care work same like other companies but they are available for 24/7 that means if you have any problem or facing any issue during use the account then you simply ring to customer care numbers (855) 853-7242. Your Health is located at 7234 S. Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74136.